We appreciate there are many questions you may have around the learning to swim experience Swimshak has to offer and the Covid safety measures pools are having to put in place to offer a safe learning environment.


Here's some answers to the most commonly ask questions:

How do I register for lessons?

You can use this website to contact us by completing a short enquiry form on the 'contact us' page - giving as much information as you can. Once we have all this information you will be emailed the details and registration information if we are able to help at that time.

How do I pay for lessons?

Lessons are paid for termly and in advance of the term starting. A term is typically 12 or 13 weeks and generally run in line with the local Lower School (Central Bedfordshire). We close for bank holidays but not teacher training days - fees are adjusted accordingly

How many pupils per class?

Sing and Swim (4 months to 36 months) = 6 infants (plus their accompanying adult) per session

Learn to Swim classes from 3 years upwards have a maximum of 2 swimmers per teacher. (2:1). These students will be matched according to age and ability. We usually run 2 classes per session

We have 1:1 sessions on offer for both children and adults

Will you give refunds for missed classes?

Unfortunately, we do not offer this. However as long as you’ve given us 24 hours notice you qualify for a catch up session within the same term subject to availability (please note these are not available at the current time due to COVID restrictions as we need to keep swimmers and parents in their own 'swim bubble' each week.

How long does it take to learn to swim?

I wish we knew! Unfortunately there isn’t a definitive answer to this however, we can assure you that the swimmer will progress and develop much sooner than they would if they were in a typical group lesson offered elsewhere. The younger the child starts to learn usually the sooner they will reach the requirements stated by the national curriculum.

Our COVID Commitment?

We have had to fully review the entire way in which we operate in order to offer a safe environment for all our visitors and swimmers in accordance with the guidelines set out by the Government and the governing swim bodies. We have reviewed and risk assessed the building, the way we teach our lessons, the swimmer and teacher safety along with that of the accompanying adult. we will regularly review the COVID risk assessments to ensure we are operating as safely as possible

Can COVID-19 spread via swimming pool water?

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC); There is no evidence that the virus that causes COVID-19 can be spread to people through the water in pools, hot tubs, or water playgrounds. Additionally, as we use chlorine disinfection for the water this should inactivate the virus. Levels are regularly checked and will run slightly higher than usual during this time

How will social distancing work?

We have a maximum of 2 swimmers per teacher and operate 2 classes per half hour limiting the total number of people in the pool to 6. This means we have plenty of space to socially distance in the pool but your swimmers safety will be paramount and there will often be the need to still manually support them in the water until they are able to do this themselves and swim independently.

Sing and Swim sessions have a maximum of 6 infants and adults in the pool space. 

Face masks must be worn whilst in the building

Only one adult per family in the building at any time and no non swimming siblings where possible.

Full details and guidelines will be provided to all families using the facility

How are we keeping everyone safe?

In order to keep all our swimmers, teachers and families safe, we are implementing:

  • Track and trace!: Every visit you will be asked to sign in confirming you are symptom free leaving contact details, time of arrival and departure - obviously anyone with any symptoms must stay at home and isolate in accordance with government guidelines.

  • Personal protection: All visitors must sanitise their hands on arrival and departure. All adults and children over 11 must wear a mask or face covering whilst in the building. PPE cannot be worn in the pool by adults or children as it is not only ineffective, it is dangerous..

  • Limited Occupancy: We will be asking that only one accompanying adult attends with swimmers and where possible, non-swimming siblings remain at home.

  • Beach-Ready Rule: Swimmers should arrive in their costumes ready for lessons and no more than 5 minutes before their swim time. Use of changing rooms before and after is acceptable but there will be time restrictions so it's recommended swimmers wear loose and minimal clothing to save time.

  • After swimming: You have 10 minutes to vacate the building following a lesson (showers will not be available).

Our teaching staff and covid officers?

Our team will be wearing protection equipment within the building and may wear face shields in the water.  We have all undertaken awareness and preparation training for the changes that COVID 19 has imposed.

We will on occasions use some teaching aids that will allow additional distancing between swimmers and teachers during the lesson where it's safe to do so. 

Are staff tested for Coronavirus?

Our team members have only been tested where directed to do so by a medical professional. Teachers are requested to take regular home tests and report their results. 

Some of the changes you can expect to see include:

  • Safety Signage

  • Sign in/out register

  • Enhanced cleaning regimes

  • Limited waiting and viewing space during lessons

  • No play area

  • A 'Swimshak Covid Guidelines document' will be sent out prior to starting lessons. 

Will you still be following the award scheme?

Feedback after lessons will be limited however if you wish to discuss your child's progress in more detail, please contact Phillipa who will arrange a suitable time for the teacher to contact you

​We will continue to collect and return your children's awards booklets at the end of each term. 

Is your equipment safe to use?

All toys and equipment are sanitised using the chlorinated pool water in line with the Pool Water Treatment Advisory Group’s (PWTAG) recommendations. Each teacher will have their own set which will be cleaned between uses. Deeper cleans will take place each night. Only swimshak equipment can be used

Each child must come with correctly fitting goggles and their own hats. The 'Shop' will not be on display but some items can still be purchased from a staff member providing it doesn't disrupt a lesson

Should I return to swimming?

We respect that everyone will have to make their own decision based on their individual circumstances. We welcome discussions should you wish to talk about these and will endeavour to answer any questions you may have.

For those that may be considered high risk or have been shielding – we recommend you consult the latest government guidance or a medical practitioner regarding your concerns before making a decision.

Swimshak is committed to ensuring everyone is confident that they are having a safe experience. Our procedures will be regularly monitored and with quality teaching staff and practices we ready to work with the 'new normal'.


We're in this together!